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Jason’s Marvelous Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn - Sells at Howland Farmers Market
There's beauty in well-made products, ones without glitz, glamor, or embellishment. Simple products, made with simple designs or from simple ingredients, when done well, don't necessarily need to say they're marvelous. They just are. It's what we strive for. Using ingredients such as real butter and Ohio grown popcorn, plus only natural flavors and colors, we're trying to set ourselves apart from other gourmet popcorns. We believe when something says it's flavored like cheddar or blueberry or espresso, that it should be made with real cheddar, blueberry, or espresso. Making the cheeses or caramels needed for our well-coated popcorn requires a lot of work, patience, and skill. Creating our original recipes frequently takes hours of research and dozens of attempts. We think it's all worth it. We hope you'll agree.

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Jason’s Marvelous Popcorn

442 E Liberty St, Hubbard, OH 44425, USA

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