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Handcarved print artwork - Sells at Austintown Farmers Market
Shipping -  All items are shipped in plastic free, compostable packaging. Prints are sent in compostable cello-bags, in paper mailers. Textiles are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in paper mailers. When opportunities to switch to recycled or more sustainability materials arise we prioritize it. Textiles -  The majority of our hand sewn items are made from second hand or scrap fabric, in a zero waste model. All bits from the sewing process are collected and used as stuffing in other sewing projects. Items that are not handmade, are sourced responsibly to the best of our ability. Miscellaneous Waste -  While creating any works or prints, we take care to waste as little as possible. All materials are used to most of our ability, and unusable materials are disposed of responsibly (i.e. recycling, donating, etc). Transparency -  Our business is not 100% zero waste or sustainable. For example, sustainable versions of printmaking ink are simply not available. Lino cut blocks produce waste that cannot be reused or recycled. While we do try to be as responsible as possible, in this line of art perfect sustainability is nearly impossible.

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